Friday, June 10, 2011

I admittedly have cut my teeth on Rock N Roll when it comes to mixing, there is nothing better then kick and more kick and bass etc ect. In fact, here is a little quiz... Who knows why we Number console inputs in the order we do with drums on channel 1 and through whatever?... Because that's the Number of importance!!! Haha... I'm joking of course but I'm sure you have heard a few mixes that sounded like that was the hierarchy... While writing this I'm mixing and recoding for a group of 4 ladies who play bluegrass and folk music and they play it extremely well. There are no drums. Only a couple guitars and banjos and up right bass and fiddle etc but the main thing is the amazing ,haunting ,beautiful harmonies they produce. Trust me, it's worth missing a kick drum for, the band is called misty river check them out !

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