Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's all in the hours

So what makes a true battle hardened "Roadie" ? Or good "Crew" is it there ability to mix or setup gear ? Or maybe there demeanor and ability to get stuff done? Perhaps it lies in there built up resistance to pharmaceuticals... Those may all be valuable badges to be sowed on to your vest as achievements but my thought is that it all lies in the hours, what really makes a true roadie is being able to pull off all the amazing and hectic pieces that are required for rock n roll day in and day out , on top of all the above requirements and throw in a bit of chain smoking.... But when it is all set and done and all the road cases are pack in the trucks and it's starting to be come day light out and your eyes are all grainy and your tired, the green horns have all long sense passed out, including the really cocky one who thinks he's learned more then can be contained by a normal human which in his mind makes him a super human roadie, ( all it really makes him is a young idiot ) when all of them have passed away into a stupor and you make your way to the bus and crawl into your bunk .... The final thing that distinguishes a real roadie from wanna be ones or fake ones or just plain clueless ones is ..... I'm gonna do this tomorrow , and keep doing it .... Forever. Rock on.

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